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Winter we can have diffrent hours or be closed on the weekend. 


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Galloway Motorcycles Tyres

The home for low cost tyres on motorcycles, based in Reading Berkshire. 


We at Galloway Motorcycles are pleased to offer a ride in ride out service for bike tyres, In our busy period this may vary, Please call to check. Over the last year, Galloway Motorcycle tyres have become a recognised force in supplying and fitting motorbike tyres. Our highly trained staff know their bikes well - we fit tyres to bikes according to the manufacturers' recommendations.

Our customers agree - they come not only from Reading but from Newbury, Bracknell, Crowthorne, Basingstoke, Wokingham, Windsor, London, Leatherhead and all over the south east.


Galloway Motorcycle Tyres is a Reading based company offering a fast and expert tyre fitting service.


 From Sports bikes, Commuters, Motards to Race bikes we can supply and fit TYRES directly onto your bike utilising our RIDE IN RIDE OUT service or also onto loose wheels. Drop in or Ring us on 01189866365 and we'll quickly deal with any queries you may have.


We also offer FULL LASER TRACK service for perfect wheel alignment.


 All tyre fitments include standard removal & refitting from the motorcycle, wheel balancing with new wheel weights, new rubber valve & old tyre disposal.


*******We also offer puncture repairs, Depending on the size of the hole and location*******



We at Galloway Motorcycles get our tyres straight from manufacture, they are tyres just off the production line, Not tyres that are new but have been sitting around for a year.

We supply and fit Michelin, Dunlop, Pirelli, Continental, Avon, Bridgestone, Metzeler and a few more, The list goes on.


(1) REAR

Front or rear and direction of rotation.



Manufacturer name.


(3) BATTLAX BT-023 or S20 in Pictures case.

Tyre Name.


(4) Tyre Dimensions

This is the size of your tyre


190 is the width in millimetres


50 is the aspect ratio.

Indicates the sidewall is 50% of the width of the tyre..50% of



ZR indicates the Tyre is speed rated to over 150mph and the R indicates the Tyre is of radial construction


17 indicates the bead diameter is 17" meaning it's designed

to fit 17" wheels of the correct width.


(5) M/C 73W

Load index & Speed Symbol


M/C indicates the tyre is for motorcycles only


73 Load Index W Speed index


If this appears on a tyre then it will appear in one of two



73W without brackets indicates the tyre has a maximum speed of 168mph

W with a maximum load of 73 (365kgs)


(73W) in brackets indicates the tyre is capable of speeds

over 168mph




“Always ensure that both front and rear tyres are correctly inflated and check tyre pressure regularly. Tyre pressure has a direct influence on the performance and wear of your tyres”.

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